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Year on year sales increased by 81%, CPA reduced by 15%

Affiliate Marketing Case Study

APM took over management of the Easylife affiliate program in July 2015 and has continued to increase revenue year on year since.


Relaunch program with Awin (July 2015)
Increase conversion rates
Increase sales
Reduce CPA


A Graphical Representation of the Yearly Increase in Sales


Sales up
0 %
Sales revenue up
0 %
CPA down
0 %

Other case studies

With the help of APM, allbeauty sales revenue increased by 70% year on year
Sales revenue increased by 70% year on year
APM took over management of the allbeauty affiliate program in March 2022, tasked with increasing sales whilst maintaining margins
A Person Working on a Laptop at a White Desk Looking at the Customers Increased
New customers increased 352% year on year
When APM took over the management of the XLN affiliate programme there was an issue with low lead-to-sale conversion rates and high cost per acquisition

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