Case study: Easylife

Case study: Easylife

Year on year sales increased by 81%, CPA reduced by 15%

Affiliate Marketing Case Study

APM took over management of the Easylife affiliate program in July 2015 and have continued to increase revenue year on year since.


  • Relaunch program with Awin (July 2015)
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce CPA


  • Managed integration with Awin and migration of affiliates from previous networks without impacting on sales volume
  • Identified and recruited new affiliates using a variety of methods including utilising third party technology to identify competitor affiliates
  • Improved validation processes ensuring faster payment to affiliates and Awin Index increase
  • Audited and re-engaged with affiliates, optimised them, improved creative and engaged in regular communication
  • Utilised exclusive consumer offers and tenancies to leverage additional placements
  • Promoted affiliate only flash sales to increase sales during slow periods
Easylife Case Study graph


APM took over management of the Easylife program in July 2015 and have maintained YoY growth. 2016 – ‘17 Year on Year Results

  • Sales up 81%
  • Sales revenue up 76%
  • CPA down 15%

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