Case study: XLN Telecom

Case study: XLN Telecom

New customers increased 352% year on year

Affiliate Marketing Case Study

When APM took over the management of the XLN affiliate programme there was an issue with low lead to sale conversion rates and high cost per acquisition. The channel was also highly dependent on one affiliate and XLN were unsure how to diversify and expand the programme.



  • Increase sales
  • Improve conversion
  • Reduce CPA


  • Moved commission payments from lead to sales basis and created robust validation system improving lead to sale conversion 3 fold.
  • A sales based commission structure allowed for expansion into cashback sites.
  • Utilised third-party technology to locate and recruit new content affiliates.
  • Optimised existing affiliates and monthly tenancy placements which resulted in uplift across the board.
  • Worked with the product team to create affiliate specific products which ensured optimal position within comparison sites.
XLN telecom case study graph


  • Leads up 82%
  • Sales up 352%
  • Lead to sale conversion up 149%

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